EU energy safety.

ES We reaffirm our commitment to the implementation and development agreements in the field of energy reached at previous summits G 8. We intend to strengthen global energy security, acting on the following areas:

- Increase transparency, predictability and stability of global energy markets;
- Improving the investment climate in the energy sector;
- Improving energy efficiency and conservation;
- Diversification of energy
- Ensuring the physical security of critical energy infrastructure;
- Reducing energy poverty;
- Tackling climate change and sustainable development.
strengthen and improve the statistical system of energy efficiency at national and international level;
- Consider setting national targets for reducing energy intensity of economic development and to report on them at the end of the year;
- In the production of energy-intensive products – to promote the design, development and implementation based on best practices for software product labeling in terms of energy efficiency, strengthen its efforts to establish, as far as technically possible and economically justified, the most stringent energy efficiency standards. Countries should establish such standards, taking into account national conditions. In this connection, it should recognize promising and worthy of more detailed study of the IEA initiative to reduce energy consumption appliances operating in “standby mode” ( “Initiative 1 watt”), setting minimum energy efficiency standards of television decoders and digital teleoborudovaniya, introduction of energy efficient lighting systems and programs Use of automobile tires, saves fuel;
- To host the necessary measures, including the creation of financial and tax incentives that promote energy efficient technologies, as well as to increase the application of existing technologies in this field;
- Apply in their country an example by adopting energy efficient technologies in public buildings and providing them with electricity from alternative energy sources;
- Actively promote the public value and benefits of energy efficiency and conservation;
- Encourage relevant actions taken by multilateral development banks (MDBs), including the EBRD and the World Bank;
- Strengthen the participation of the Global Environment Facility in the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

We invited the World Bank, IEA and other relevant organizations to undertake within its mandate and comparative advantages of steps to improve its internationally recognized standards on marking, best practices, as well as campaigns to raise public awareness.

Of the communiqué of the G8 summit